The Shepherd’s Boy Fable

Ο μύθος του Αισώπου «Ο ψεύτης βοσκός» μεταφρασμένο από την καθηγήτρια αγγλικών και μέλος των Παραμυθάδων, Αρετή Τσιφλίδου!

Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy who kept a flock of sheep outside his village. Every morning, he took the sheep to a hill near the corral and let them graze peacefully.

paramythades-ixnhlates-20130609-EvaHe usually spent his time by playing his flute, but that day he forgot it at the corral and he was bored to death, so he thought of tricking the nearby villagers and have some excitement. He climbed on top of a rock and started calling out for help.
-Heeeeeeelp! Heeeeeelp! Wolves are attacking my flock! Run quickly! Help me!
Immediately the villagers took anything they found in front of them and ran to save the sheep. As soon as the shepherd boy saw them, he started laughing out loud, with all his heart. This pleased him so much that a few days afterwards he tried to fool them again and he found it very amusing….
– Heeeeeelp! Heeeeeeelp! Wolves! Heeeeeelp!….

However, no one came to help him this time since they knew he was tricking them…. Only this time the wolves were really attacking the sheep and felt amused as they were enjoying their meal at their own pace.
One boy, nearby was shouting, but it is well known that the wolves don’t understand the human language and they went on eating .

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