The Ant and the Grasshopper

Ο μύθος του Αισώπου «Ο τζίτζικας και ο μέρμηγκας» μεταφρασμένο από την καθηγήτρια αγγλικών και μέλος των Παραμυθάδων,  Αρετή Τσιφλίδου!

τζιτζικασ 2Once upon a time a grasshopper lived on the branches of a tree while an ant lived at the foot of the tree.
In summer, the ant started laying up food for the winter. It was bearing along with great toil some grains and was taking them to its nest. Working from early in the morning till sunset.
On the other side, getting up late in the morning, the grasshopper was hoping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. It didn’t care about anything else and went on this way.
Time passed and autumn came. Clouds filled the sky and it started drizzling. The ant enjoyed the sound of drops falling on the ground while the grasshopper was starving to death. It was desperately looking for anything until finally it begged its neighbour for help.

Well what have you been doing all summer? asked the ant

Oh! In summer I didn’t have time to collect any food because I was singing all day.

You should have thought about it earlier, dear! said the ant and stared at some birds heading South.

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